We had a wonderful time in Southern California visiting family. My sister-in-law, a terrific hostess, planned wonderful meals and activities for our family of 6. We swam in her pool, played at the beach, enjoyed the zoo, the circus and Disneyland.

Later in the week, we met up with my husband's family in Big Bear and spent a great weekend staying in this cabin. After such a busy, fun-filled week, it's good to be home!


off we go!

In the morning we'll be heading out the door for a family vacation.

Destination: Disneyland!

Our family has been blessed with an all-expense-paid trip (including airfare) to So. California and Disneyland. We've been counting the days and we're thrilled that tomorrow is the day! The kids are excited to take along the hats that their Auntie Emy brought back for them last Fall. My girls have never flown and my boys don't remember their "lap child" days, so this should be an adventure for all 6 of us. It was so much fun to pack these little surprise travel backpacks for them.

...be back soon


pillowcase shirt

I used this tutorial to make this darling shirt out of a pillowcase.

I've never sewn with elastic thread before, so I faced lots of challenges along the way. Just before giving up, I found this site with great tips on shirring fabric. As it turns out, my length and width settings were off.


isn't this beautiful...

"Mommy, I picked strawberries for dinner."

notice the dirty toes


july 4

Happy Fourth of July!

I love three day weekends...I really do. But this year our car quit working the day before everything closed down for the Fourth, so we'll spend Thursday-Monday morning at home with no car.

I was kind of bummed at first, because I felt like I was just throwing things together for our company this afternoon. I went through my kitchen drawers and cupboards in search of red and blue serving platters and linens. After scrounging around the house this morning, I found this old blue quilt and a red gingham curtain panel for the picnic table.

I placed little American flags in a jar of beans (my husband's idea), and there you have it...we're all set for company!