making sense of it all

Sometimes life doesn't make sense, and it certainly doesn't slow down long enough for you to catch your breath and figure things out. Last month I mentioned that my husband lost his job and that we were entering a season of uncertainty. Things have begun to unfold and we can see purpose in what lies behind. We've also found hope and anticipation in what lies ahead. One of the things we knew we needed to do was to sell our house. Owning a home ties us to this area and it looks like a move is imminent. We put our house on the market several weeks ago and have had several people walk through. Mostly they like the house but don't want all the land.

Have we started packing yet? No, but we probably should. It seems like we just unpacked. Thankfully, we have several boxes that didn't get unpacked from our last move. :)

Several people have asked if we feel sad about leaving behind a home that we put so much work into. We don't. Not one bit. I keep thinking that maybe we were supposed to get it ready for someone else to live in, just like what happened with our sweet little house in Spokane. The couple who lived there before us pulled up the carpet, refinished the hardwood floors, painted the trim white and all of the rooms colors I would have chosen myself. Back then, I had 4 young children and a husband in school full-time. There was no way I could have done all of that work. I was so thankful. They lived in Spokane for only a year and a half before the military transferred them. I really think they prepared the house for our family, and I've been praying that the work we've done here might bless some family in ways we might not ever know. One thing I've learned during these past few years is that nothing is ever wasted with God. He redeems things that seem worthless, messy, ugly and confusing. For this I am thankful. We feel so hopeful and excited about what lies ahead.

oh, these girls!

My girls were hilarious this afternoon as we left the library. They asked me to walk in front of them so they could pretend to be teenagers leaving the library without their mom. They're 6. :)

Tonight I asked them to help me put away the laundry. I heard them have this little conversation as I was leaving their room...

"Let's pretend we're slaves and our mom asked us to put all this laundry away. No, let's pretend we're teenagers. I'll be Sahara and you can be Bahara."

They're cracking me up!