4 years

I mentioned in this post that my husband finished school recently and is looking for a job. Right now, in fact--he's interviewing today miles from home. When we first moved here, I remember thinking we'd get back to regular life after graduation. You know what? I would say these past 4 years of life have been the best ever. How is that? I wanted to rush through them, as if they were something to be endured.

I think I've grown as a wife and mom. We're about 17 hours away from our families and I was so lonely at first. Depending on God was a good thing for me. Hard, but good. He soon filled my loneliness with sweet friendships. It's an amazing thing that God can fill any void. He's proved this to me, and that's why this time for me is bittersweet. My husband is interviewing elsewhere right now, as in not here. But I think we'll be o.k.

Never again do I want to say that I'm living in an in-between state. Life happens there, too. God works there, too. And He has.


winter days

"Now the winter seemed long.
Laura and Mary began to be tired
of staying always in the house." --Laura Ingalls Wilder

Been having a few of these days lately...