now we wait...

my girls outside of a dream home

Our house hunting trip has come and gone. Now we wait...

I don't want to get ahead of myself, but we put in an offer on a house yesterday (not the one in the picture above) and I've already decorated each of the rooms in my head. Oh, and did I mention that I've already been to Lowe's and have in my possession all the paint chips for each room? You know, just in case. My palette is ready to go.

Waiting is sometimes difficult for me because I like knowing. I like to be certain of things, like the way I feel about my chocolate chip cookie recipe. It's the best ever and I'm certain of it. It makes me happy every time I bake them because they always turn out yummy. I can say this only because it's not really my recipe, but a friend's--otherwise I'd be bragging. :) But you know that feeling when you try a new recipe for the first time? You're a little excited, but a little nervous at the same time, because it might not turn out the way you expected? Maybe this isn't the best analogy, but that's what this whole putting in an offer thing feels like to me--exciting but scary.


farm chicks show 2011

I love that this amazing show has become
an annual tradition for me and my lovely friend, Andi.
Each year, we enjoy it more and more.
Maybe it's because we know what to expect by now--
as opposed to my first year when I nearly
hyperventilated upon entering the building.

But maybe not.
You think you're going to see the same stuff you saw last year,
and then you're blown away (again) by the creativity
of these amazing women all in one place to sell their wares.

I think my style changes every year, too.
In the past, the colors red and green made me drool.
This year, I was drawn to the blues and grays.
I loved the maps, globes and school supplies.

oh, but I still love green!

These were from my friend Becca's booth.

And here's my friend Courtney's booth.

Funny thing: when I picked Andi up in the morning,
we had on matching outfits.
Even our purses matched.
And as we left the show, both of us carried
large, school atlas maps over our shoulders. :)