from my garden

"Earth laughs in flowers."
--Ralph Waldo Emerson


lil' makeover

I don't sew very often because the only good spot for my sewing machine is on our kitchen table.

If ever I need to work on a project, it needs to be put away before meal times and depending on the project, that's not always convenient.

This afternoon I reclaimed a section of the basement and cleared off a table that held boxes and piles of random things.

It felt good to clean up this area!

It still looks very basement-ish with the unpainted wall,
the pipes and the exposed ductwork,

but I already love being in this space.


eleven years

We celebrated our 11th anniversary yesterday
with dinner in the backyard
after tucking the kids into bed for the night.

It's the little things, year after year that make life so sweet.
This year I'll remember...

a pretty table for 2

flowers from the garden

a yummy dinner

bluegrass music,
bare feet and candlelight
on a breezy, summer evening.