time for lilacs

last year's blooms

Who doesn't love the smell of lilacs in bloom? My lilac bushes are starting to wake from their long winter's nap. This means that my poor kids have to do a lilac craft. ;)

For our Friday Preschool class this morning, we'll make these paper lilacs using purple paint, straws, green pipe cleaners, green construction paper and white tag board.

You can probably figure this out by looking at my terribly dark photo (sorry). We'll use straws to dab the paint onto the white tag board, which, surprisingly takes awhile. I always love it when kids' crafts last longer than 5 minutes. Sometimes it takes me a very long time to prepare these crafts for my kids and then they finish lickedy-split!

Here are a couple of fun books that feature our very lovely lilac flower.

In Bunny's Noisy Book, I'll have the kids make the sounds that Bunny hears or makes. In Little Green, I'll have the kids use their fingers to imitate what Little Green, the hummingbird, does in the book (flying high and low, zipping, darting, starting, stopping, looping, etc.).


Sweet Annabelle said...

OHH! I love this craft! I might work on this by myself, since I have no crafty little boys anymore! And tied to the books - that's just right!



~nanashouse~ said...

Can I brag about you and tell everyone I have the most creative daughter in the world?

Funky Junk Sisters said...

I mentions lilacs in my post today too!

Funky Junk Sister #2

Sugar Coma said...

I actually don't love the smell of lilacs but I do love the look of them...and we have them everywhere around here. My dog was kind enough to prune the bush in our back yard so it's struggling to bloom but I can still look at the one in the front (and all my neighbor's yards).
Ahhh, isn't spring glorious?

What a fun preschool idea. Thanks for sharing.

Diane said...

Lovely flowers - great craft! You must welcome some flowers after your looong white winter.