five of my most favorite people

Where did November go? Can it really be December already?

We've been away for awhile--a very long while, in fact.

We left home October 22 and returned just this week.

Here's what we've been up to:

A 17 hour drive down to Northern California (my husband drove straight through!)
A week spent here in Grass Valley
A visit with family in Los Angeles
A shopping day at the American Girl Store
A trip to Disneyland
A camping trip in the Grand Canyon
A visit with family in Mesa, Arizona
A visit with family in Tucson, Arizona
A beautiful drive up the California Coast on Highway 1--we saw the sun set as we drove!
A visit with family in the Bay Area
A tour of the Jelly Belly Factory
A visit with family in Northern California where we celebrated my girls' 5th birthday, Thanksgiving and my husband's birthday
A chance to hear my big brother preach at his church
A visit with family in Portland, Oregon
A crazy drive home in the snow--with no chains and no snow tires (they were back home, of course)

Whew! Now back to reality.

I've been scurrying about trying to organize my life.

Tonight as I prepared dinner, I put on my apron for the first time since I've been home and as I tied its strings, I sighed and felt a huge weight of stress lift.
It's a little piece of home that brought comfort right away.


Amy... said...

Wow!! Such a full trip! I hope it was wonderful and I'm glad you're back! Love, Amy

Susan Busch said...

Jenny, I don't even feel I know you that well. But, I know this - I am so impressed by the woman I catch glimpses of from time to time. Your honor for God, your husband, your love for your family, your flexibility, and your servant heart are just a few pieces of you I greatly admire. Keep pressing on.

ness said...

Well welcome back Vintage Mommy-I've enjoyed your online presence these past few days and hope to see you in person sometime soon:)

It sounds like you guys crammed more in a month than I've crammed into a lifetime;)

Cottage Mommy said...

Welcome home! It sounds like you had a trip of a lifetime and made many wonderful memories for you and your family! Glad you are back safely!

Bevy said...

Hey! I've missed you too. Welcome Back!

Sounds like you've had a wonderful - well packed - month.

You're husband driving through a 17 hour stretch reminded me of my man when he used to drive truck (OTR).

Glad you're home safe and sound. I like what you wrote about tying the apron strings... ((sigh))...
Home is where the heart is. Isn't it?