this month, I want to remember...

I really, really adore you, February!
Your colors, your holidays--they make your weather
a little more bearable.

Sugar is highly over rated.
My husband and I went on an after Christmas,
six-week, no sugar/no bread diet
and I can honestly say that
sugar doesn't taste as good as I remember.
This is good.

Snow on the beach.
This is the Pacific Ocean, folks!
We visited the Oregon Coast this past week
and it snowed.
I never want to forget this!


Stephanie said...

So why all the pictures of cupcakes? You want the REST of us to eat too much sugar. ;) Love the image of snow on the beach. Sounds magical.

Ashley DeLen said...

What a lovely photo of snow on a beach... So so peaceful...

As for cupcakes... maybe after you are back on sugar they'll taste better ;o)

Danielle said...

No sugar! I would love to do that! I wish I had someone here to help me stick to it!

I always wanted to see snow at the beach... that is so neat! Thanks for sharing!

Sweet Annabelle said...

This is our first day of a no-sugar March. And that cupcake is looking SO FINE

Snow on the beach - who would'a thought?