farm chicks show 2011

I love that this amazing show has become
an annual tradition for me and my lovely friend, Andi.
Each year, we enjoy it more and more.
Maybe it's because we know what to expect by now--
as opposed to my first year when I nearly
hyperventilated upon entering the building.

But maybe not.
You think you're going to see the same stuff you saw last year,
and then you're blown away (again) by the creativity
of these amazing women all in one place to sell their wares.

I think my style changes every year, too.
In the past, the colors red and green made me drool.
This year, I was drawn to the blues and grays.
I loved the maps, globes and school supplies.

oh, but I still love green!

These were from my friend Becca's booth.

And here's my friend Courtney's booth.

Funny thing: when I picked Andi up in the morning,
we had on matching outfits.
Even our purses matched.
And as we left the show, both of us carried
large, school atlas maps over our shoulders. :)


~nanashouse~ said...

BFF's always have their outfits coordinated by some "force". Love your style, love your choices...Love You!

Funky Junk Antique Show said...

Love the map you bought!! I loved the school house/school themed booths sooo much!!

everyday vintage said...

ha ha...my bff and i are often matching, and never plan it!

so happy to find your blog- we met so many people and i was wishing i had taken the names of people who bought maps from us so i could see how you end up using them. there's more pics of your map over on our site: www.dear-darling-vintage.com. please feel free to send us pics of how you use it at home and i'll post them!