being still

We had such a good day yesterday! School holidays are cherished around here. We've homeschooled up until this year and I think we just really miss each other. We miss being together. One of the things I noticed yesterday about myself was that I felt calm. We didn't have to be anywhere at any specific time. No rushing to the car. No rushing out of the car. No rushing to the potty before getting into the car (times 4). I know it's unrealistic for me to declare everyday a holiday. And I know that just because I do have to rush my kids out the door from time to time doesn't mean I'm doing something wrong as a mom. It's just part of life. For goodness sake! There are 6 of us under this roof. Things are going to be hectic at times. But I know that stillness is good for me.

My big brother preached a message recently on the book of Ruth and something he said has stuck in my head during these past months of craziness for our family.

"'Spread the corner of your garment over me' (Ruth 3:9), needs to be the prayer of our hearts every single day."

I loved this! I can just imagine Ruth at Boaz's feet, waiting to be rescued from her state of affairs. Back in those days, being a young widow without any family to speak of was not a good thing--we think we have financial or social hurdles to overcome. Yet we read of her quietly waiting at Boaz's feet, very aware of her need to be rescued.

I want to live like this. Right at Jesus' feet crying out daily, "Spread the corner of your garment over me." Every time I try to rescue myself it doesn't work and I end up frustrated with myself or with my kids--the poor things.

Yesterday was a good reminder for me to be still once in awhile and to ask Jesus to cover me with His grace.


Mom said...

That message is my very favorite of his. Of course I'll probably change my mind when I hear the next one :-)

~Sue said...

A very rarely taken-hold of verse! Wonderful!