spring break

My mom, dad and little brother were able to come visit last week for their Spring Break! My dad and little bro worked outside in the yard and trimmed our hedges and roses, and my mom and I stayed busy inside working on several projects, one of which was making mini key lime pie tarts with the Pampered Chef tart pans she brought from home. Seriously, this post should be titled how many pictures of key lime pie can one post? I couldn't help myself. They were just so, so pretty. I jumped up and down squealing after my mom placed a slice of lime on top of the first little tart.

So those are the tarts. :) And they were delicious, by the way! Now for the curtains...

we made these kitchen curtains out of a vintage tablecloth. I love how they turned out! We also made my girls little black ruffled skirts for their school's spring program, because I was so disappointed in the current selection in stores of little girls' skirts.

Then we went paper shopping. We have the best craft store here, Craft Warehouse, and it has the c-u-t-e-s-t paper selection ever. Makes up for the lack of decent little girls' skirts in this town...almost. My mom gave me a few sheets of paper from a pack that she purchased and I was able to make a little banner.


~nanashouse~ said...

I miss you so much it hurts :-(
In honor of our great times I put the tea kettle on and made a double batch of Snickerdoodles tonight. I can't bear to look at the scrapbook paper or I will cry. I have some pics to send you. My favorite is Flat Stanley breaking out of the Jacksonville Jailhouse! Hope the illness didn't spread to all in your household. If it did, take time to snuggle and read :-)

~nanashouse~ said...

Here I go again...I'm thinking this weekend I will try a chocolate version of our tarts with the same crust and a chocolate mousse filling topped with a squirt of whipped cream (from the can) and some chocolate shavings. I want to make a meal for a family and the whipped cream was BOGO. Lasagna, salad, garlic bread and chocolate tarts. Who could ask for anything more?

Sweet Annabelle said...

Maybe we were separated at birth - hahahaha! But the vintage fabric, the lovely paper, the word flash cards ... and the KEY LIME PIE! I swoon for key lime pie.
(I've swooned...)

Emily F said...

I am loving everything about this post.