september days

picking apples in the back yard

peeling apples

making apple sauce

 a wonderful first week of homeschooling
with outdoor science lessons
 exploring the many wonders of the cattails growing in the ditch along the road -- did you know that every part of this plant is edible?

 a little archaeology dig this morning to dig up the 32 items mommy and daddy buried last night after the kids went to bed -- all of which tell a little bit about our family

finally painted red the Adirondack chairs that our neighbor in Spokane gave to us 4 years ago

and finally got around to fixing and painting our fences --
they were in sad, sad shape
I'm thinking that our neighbors appreciate it just as much as we do


~nanashouse~ said...

so wishing I could buy your house and just soak up all the love and beauty you have poured into it. You plant beauty wherever you are planted.

Monica Porter said...

<3 you guys! :)

Monica Porter said...

I love the creativity! An archaeology dig!? So awesome! And I really love your "I like" section. Sweet and wonderful little tidbits of Jenny. :)

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

May your homeschooling year be filled with love, wonder and fun!!

Would you be willing to turn off your word verification? I posted how to do that yesterday on my blog. They are so hard to read...

Jenny said...

Amy...done! Since I don't have to verify myself when commenting on my blog, I didn't realize this setting was in place. I can't stand those either!

~Sue said...

The red chairs--fantastic, the archeology dig--fantastic, home-made applesauce--fantastic. I enjoy snapshots of your home; such a lovely place you have created to savor this lovely time of year.

Jenny said...

Sue, every time I make applesauce in the fall, I think about your Amy because of this post she wrote a few years ago. It was our first month in Spokane.


I made her applesauce that day and it was the first time I felt "cozy" in my new home. I'll never forget that feeling.

I really, really missed her yesterday. :(

Jeremy and Amy said...

Looks yummy & pretty :) Love the red chairs, especially!

~nanashouse~ said...

I was trying to do a search for the apple sauce recipe. Can you share it with us? I'd love to make it with my students.