a little bit of Christmas

I tried to blog last night and post a few pictures of our Christmas preparations around here, but it seems I've used up my 1 GB in my Picasa-Blogger album. I tried to go through and delete a few pictures, but Picasa wouldn't let me log into my account. :(

I'm sitting here drinking coffee with a bit of pumpkin spice eggnog, listening to Christmas music and my kids are doing schoolwork. Yes, it's Saturday, but they grabbed their folders with Monday's work and insisted on doing their schoolwork. Does this sound like a dream or what?

So, without pictures, here is what I'm loving about this season...

I love how our home looks with Christmas lights. Last year we were in renovation survival mode and we were fortunate enough to get lights up inside the house. I put garland and red bows up on our white fences facing the road, but our cows chewed them up. I was sorely disappointed. It lasted about 4 days. But let me tell you, it looked very charming as you drove up the road.

I love that a wood burning stove heats our home. It's so cozy in the fall and winter and the smell is heavenly.

I love the fact that we've had animals this year and I can smell the smells and hear the sounds of the very first Christmas. It's made such an impact on me. When I go out to the stalls, I think to myself, He did this for me? It isn't lovely at all.

We're moving in 1 month and, while I should be packing, I'm so thankful that this season has caused me to slow down and unpack a few things like our Christmas decorations. Doing this has ushered me into this season of remembering Emmanuel. A gentle reminder that God is with me. As difficult as life can be sometimes, God is with us. I've needed this reminder.


Mallory said...

Its sounds so marvelous there :)
Where will you be moving?!

Sweet Annabelle said...

Oh, the thought of the cows chewing up your garland and bows! Dang cows!

Monica Porter said...

I love the sounds, smells, and beautiful things of Christmas :) I remember us talking last Thanksgiving--how you said Thanksgiving was one of your favorite holidays because it was then the anticipation of Christmas began. SO true. Loving this season along with you. :) And what a beautiful reality you can take in through having had animals: a whole fresh understanding of Christmas. So sweet.

Love you, Jenny! I'm glad you all got to extend your stay for a little longer than initially thought. We will miss you!