house tour

 I've been wanting to post pictures of our new life here in Minnesota, but we couldn't find the camera cord to transfer pictures from camera to computer. Phil found it yesterday!!!

We're loving our new life here. It's C-O-L-D, but we manage to stay toasty warm inside the house. The nice thing about living in a newer home is that it's well insulated. We have our thermostat set at 60 degrees and feel very comfortable.

We've been here 2 weeks and have already done lots of exploring in the area. Phil starts work Monday. We've enjoyed having him home to help us get settled into the house. Phil and I got our Minnesota driver's licenses and our cars registered yesterday, and we've already checked books out of the library twice. We're certainly feeling at home here.

Here are a few pictures of around the house...

 In the dining room. This old dresser is home to my tea stash, stationery and office supplies. The kitchen is to the left with a powder room down the hall. There's a door across the hall from the powder room that leads down a flight of stairs to a heated garage.
 Here's our view from the living room window.

 This is just inside the front door. The stairs that lead to the second floor are to the right of the bookshelf.

 One of the things I love about moving is a chance to start over and reorganize my life. :) Here's my little coffee drawer.

and here's my fun little stash of tea

Looking into the kids' bedrooms from the upstairs hallway/landing

 Children's books in the upstairs hallway

 I made the upstairs linen closet my homeschool storage closet

 The boys' room

 Their wonderful Lego table

The girls' sweet little room


Jeremy and Amy said...

Oh, how I would love to come over and have a cup of tea with you!!!! Your home is just beautiful, and it made me miss you. You have gotten so much done in two weeks!!!

gramma said...

Thanks, we certainly enjoyed our tour! We sure do miss you.

Bevy said...

Welcome Home!


Wendy said...

What a wonderful job you've done. It looks beautiful. So glad you're settled. xox

Hollie Joy In The Morning said...

Oh my goodness how put together your home looks having been there so short of a time! i love, love the old map and black dresses and your coffee tin!!!
Happy settling in~

ness said...

Oh Jenny, it looks so homey and cozy! I love it! Stay warm:)

nancy said...

Trying again to post sweetie. Love, love, love your home! You create beauty wherever you land.

Monica Porter said...

Wow! You guys really got settled in! It looks so put together! I guess it goes a lot quicker when you don't have to remodel :P Love how you've made it home. Awesome that you have some pretty foliage around too! So exciting. Didn't realize Phil had that much time before starting work. What a blessing! Love you guys lots! So glad everything is going well with settling in to your new home :)

Emily F said...

Thanks for posting, Jenny. We were wondering how you were getting along. Looking at your pictures makes me wish I could be there, too, for tea or coffee and visiting of course.
Thank you for taking the time to see us when you were here.
Now I need your mailing address. :)

Bethany said...

You have done a great job settling in to your new home-looks great! You got a lot done in a short time. Love the tea stash...what's your favorite one?

Julie said...

Your new place looks wonderful! Missing you guys. Love that tea drawer. :)

cranny + me said...

Jenny! You're in Minnesota! Boy, do I need to catch up with your blog! Many blessings to you as you settle in!

Jenny said...

Thank you, everyone! :)

Bethany, I drink lots of Good Earth tea in the winter. And I love Stash's Meyer Lemon tea with a bit of honey.

Karen said...

Looks beautiful! And I love the You Are Special plate, we have one as well, and it always brings a smile to my face!

Elise @A Path Made Straight said...

Love all the color most of all! And your living room window view... so picturesque!

We aren't living in Utah anymore- we moved to Idaho in the spring of 2011, and live in a tiny little town about 100 miles north of Boise. We love it! Sorry we missed you, but it's good to see how you've settled. Maybe someday we'll meet! :)