waiting for spring

from the archives...life in oregon

Lately I've been so lonely for our animals and have wished that I could slip my boots on and go hang out in the field with them. It's partly spring fever.

I know deep down in my heart that spring will be here before I know it. It just doesn't feel like it. As I drive around these parts, I love seeing the vast prairies covered in snow and dotted with an occasional silo on the horizon. It's so peaceful. But as the snow begins to melt here in Minnesota, what lies beneath is the shabbiest bit of landscape I have ever seen. Sorry to offend, Midwesterners. I was told that your spring is breathtakingly gorgeous, because everything here dies in the winter. And so I wait in anticipation to see your spring give birth to life and color all around me.


nana said...

I too wait with a holding breath for Spring. For new life for one who has been taken away from me. I'm finding myself in between a lack of purpose and a new beginning. Oh how it must hurt you also.

Mallory said...

This winter has been a long one in washington too. The sun has just begun to peek through the clouds. Praying for the days where we see more of it!
Missing you and your precious family.