around the world in 60 days

Do you get Focus on the Family's Thriving Family magazine? I was so excited to see what was in their summer issue! Beginning June 2, you and your family can travel Around the World in 60 Days! Click here to download this colorful map, passports, stamps, itinerary and devotional guide.

Each week you'll visit a different region of the world and learn about a few of the countries in that region. There are Bible verses, things to pray for, crafts, activities, and sometimes recipes included in the daily entries.

 I hope you do this, too! It looks like so much fun. Happy travels!


gramma said...

Aunt Dee had seen that and given it to us and it is in the cousin camp pile.

Emily F said...

Oh thank you for posting this. We are doing something similar with Every home for Christ by praying for our neighbors, government and different countries. But this sounds really fun, too, especially since my kids LOVE geography.
So glad you blog! I like to stay connected. I saw your Mom-in-law a couple of weeks ago and she told me that your kids will be here for VBS. I am hoping we will get to see the kids then.

emyann said...

Have fun travelling the world together :)