Christmas Favorites

Adding even more red to my kitchen
Special ornaments--this one is 24 years old!

Gazing out my kitchen window into a winter wonderland

Waiting for Christmas morning

Decorating the tree

Bringing a bit of nature inside

Homemade ornaments

Christmas sheets for the littles

Pretty white lights

Splashes of color on gray days


emyann said...

I wish the ice on the road would melt so I can come over!

Diane said...

What wonderful pictures! I looove that swing outside your window. And I'd like to see a bigger pic of the nativity scene you have. Did you make it?

Angie said...

So pretty.

skB said...

I love your nutcracker ornament and also your chandalier!


Merry Christmas!

Vintage Mommy said...


My husband's Grandma made the Nativity scene years ago. It was made from a pre-printed panel of fabric.