Happy December!

I'm very excited to begin daily Christmas activities with my children. Every night after dinner, one of my kids will remove a slip of paper from our Advent garland and we'll do the activity written on that slip of paper. This week I'm focusing on Christmas trees. You can click on anything in red for the links.

Monday: Make candles out of toilet paper tubes to display in the window (this is to go along with lighting the first candle on our Advent log).

Tuesday: Read The Pine Tree Parable

Make apple cinnamon ornaments

Make green Corn Flake Wreaths

Read The Three Trees

Saturday: Watch The Three Trees

In keeping with the theme Preparing Him Room, this year I've decided to leave the manger of our Nativity scene empty until Christmas Eve. I've cut small strands of raffia to use as hay. Each of my children will place one strand of hay in Baby Jesus' manger every night before bed. On Christmas Eve we'll place Baby Jesus into His nice, soft bed.


C Maisy said...

I have that same advent "garland". It is soooo cute. Your house looks darling!
Merry Christmas!

AndiMae said...

Jenny, I love your advent ideas! I may have to borrow some...I miss you! Are we having preschool this week?

Danielle said...

Sounds like so much fun! I'm sure your kids will enjoy all the extra activities. I'm exhausted just reading the list:-) Good job thinking ahead!

Rebekah said...

Oh, I so enjoyed reading about the neat things you're doing with your children. I love your ideas!

Mod Girl said...

What a special advent season your family is going to experience... your memories will be treasured and the lessons meaningful!

I hope that you will continue to share what you have planned each week. Our family has started our own daily advent activities, but I am drawing much inspiration from yours.

And, I still love that garland!

Traci said...

Oh, that is pretty...and I love the putting raffia in the manger each night. I like the theme idea....you are such a good mommy!!!

Sugar Coma said...

beautiful idea. i love the three trees story. you've inspired me to step up my Christmas activities with my kids.

The Crazy Hours said...

Hey, Jen! So sneaky of you to have TWO blogs. Michele found you for me. I would love to visit your house. It is sooo different from when you lived here!

Danielle said...

Feel free to copy any of the Jesse ornaments! That is how I got mine;-) Gotta love sharing!

maryellen said...

I didn't know you had two blogs!! Thanks for sharing your ideas. I am already using some! Are you going to update your advent activities every week? I don't know how you keep up with all on your plate! You are an amazing woman!

Meegan said...

Your Christmas celebrations are inspiring. I feel I am so far behind this year, after spending almost half of November in the hospital. Hopefully I can get started on decorating this weekend.

Diane said...

Your advent ideas are wonderful. I'm making notes for next year. Also, the strips of hay in the manger each night before bed is one of the sweetest things I've heard!!