laundry day

A friend of mine gave me a box of Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day dryer sheets. Here's the new laundry routine around here...

1. Place wet clothes into dryer

2. Grab dryer sheet from box

3. Smell dryer sheet

4. Separate dryer sheet along perforated line

5. Smell dryer sheet

6. Place dryer sheet into machine

7. Smell the scent on my hands

8. Close dryer door and press start

9. Look down at the box and smile


Amanda said...

I love all Mrs. Meyer's laundry products! They smell so good, and I really think our clothes feel nicer after using them. I also love Mrs. Meyer's dish soap- I got a bottle of the pine scent around Christmas, and from now on, that's all I'm using in the winter!

Meegan said...

You're so fun! I love how you get such complete joy out of life's simple pleasures! You are an example to follow!

AndiMae said...

You are sooooooooooooooo cute! I still need to try those one of these days! :)

Jenny said...


Our dishwasher broke last summer and I've LOVED using her dish soap! In fact, this is the first winter my hands haven't dried out and I think it's this soap.

I'm secretly hoping my dishwasher doesn't get fixed...I enjoy doing the dishes THAT much!

Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

About twice a year I splurge on a big bottle of Mrs. Meyers all purpose concentrated cleaner. Oh my, cleaning with it makes the house smell divinely fresh. I've never seen, smelled, or tried the dryer sheets but you've convinced me to seek them out!