I want to remember...

We were blessed to be able to drive down to California to visit family this year for Christmas. The trip takes about 18 hours with kids :)

Here are a few things I want to remember...

the anticipation of going "home" for Christmas
a cozy little log cabin to stay in along the way
waking up to snow
the kids singing in the car
first hugs after being away for awhile
coffee with my mom
the safe feeling of being with family
how much I love candlelight
laughing with my sister
how much my kids love being with their cousins
good peppermint bark
Christmas cards
warm kitchens
driving in the country at night
stars...lots of them!
tears at goodbye...not so fun, but it means we're loved


emyann said...

I love laughing with you too!

skB said...

aw, I loved this post!

I always have a hard time putting the Christmas things away.......

Christmas is just such a wonderful time of the year for faith, family, and friends.....

Happy January, my friend!

Lizzie said...

Driving around lake county at night in any season is one of the best memories I have of that place. Remember summer nights driving on that road in Kelseyville in that blue truck listening to that strawberry wine girl? Miss you Jen.

simplebeauty said...

I think that these are all wonderful things to hang on to in your heart! My favorite would rate up there with the warm cozy kitchen and coffee with you mom :O)

~nanashouse~ said...

Said by Grace and Lily~~


Diane said...

We just made that exact trip in reverse. Next time, I'm definitely bringing peppermint bark though. Sounds like a wonderful Christmas!

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

These are the important things. It sounds like you had a wonderful trip.

MommaMindy said...

What a great way to give readers a visual of your wonderful vacation without writing a book. Great job on the blog. You made me miss my mommy, though, in the line "coffee with my mom."

Hesper said...

You have a lovely family and your blog is so beautiful.
Happy New year and thank you for letting me "snoop" into your daily life.
You are a lovely christian woman.

~ Judy ~ said...

Beautiful post! Lovely blog!
Sweet family!
Nice to meet you!
Hope you'll visit me some time too!

~ Judy ~ said...

I've shared an award with you on benmakesten: http://benmakesten.blogspot.com/

ENJOY! The 1/12/10 post!