baby ella

A few of my friends and I had the privilege of throwing a shower for one amazing friend, Christa, and her sweet little Ella Louise.
Simply put, Ella is a miracle. She was born with heart complications about 2 months before her due date and spent the first 70 days of her little life in the NICU.

And when I say privilege, I mean it with all of my heart.

I feel so honored to know Christa. Even praying for her sweet family during this time has felt like a privilege.

So many creative girls worked so hard to make everything beautiful!

I love all the sweet details that went into this special day.

beautiful artwork...

yummy food...

and little onesies to decorate.

We love you, Sweet Baby Ella!
We pray that God will continue to strengthen your little heart.
Our own hearts have been strengthened by knowing you
and by praying for you
and by seeing our amazing Creator
work a miracle in your little life.



nanashouse said...

Sweet Ella~
I have followed your life thus far through "Auntie Jenny". Praying many blessings will come your way as you have already blessed all of us with your life.

Chelle said...

Jenny, I have been so excited to get to see and hear all about Ella's shower. It blows me away, all the miracles that have led up to the sweet, sweet occasion of her shower and how much Jesus has used her beautiful little heart and life to deepen our faith...and teach us more about His love and mercy as we've watched first hand the touch of our Great Physician,and to be blessed through praying for as her beautiful Mommy and amazing Daddy have walked through the last few months hand in hand with her + Him.
Every single sweet detail of the shower was just so perfectly sweet! xo I was so sad to have missed it.

Christa said...

such a privilege to know you ms. jenny. thank you for your beautiful post and for celebrating with us. our god is love.....and you, along with many amazing lady friends, radiate his love in the way you have cared for my family. thank you. christa.

Bethany said...

Beautiful shower! What a wonderful celebration of the miracle of life!