embroidery 101

Recently, I've been inspired to try embroidery,
thanks to a sweet friend and very creative
Farm Chicks vendor, Courtney.

She's always working on something cute--most likely trying to
stock up her booth for this year's Farm Chicks Show.

At Christa's baby shower, we asked the guests
to decorate onesies for Baby Ella.
I wasn't going to make one, but I couldn't resist all the adorable fabric.
It's like it was calling to me.

Now I think I might understand a crafter's obsession with cute fabric
and why one might justify collecting and possibly hoarding a large stash of quilting fabric.
I think I'm on the verge!

So here's my little creation for Baby Ella.
I'm so thankful that Courtney was there to help me get going.
It was frustrating at first, because I had to start over 3 times.
But now I can't wait to get started on another project!


Chic Mama said...

So cute! You did a great job Jenny! We totally need to have an embroidery moms night! I still have to finish my onesie! And we need to go estate/garage saling this summer- I recently read about Courtney doing it on her blog and it just looks so fun!

~nanashouse~ said...

Jenny what a great job you did! Isn't embroidery fun? I used to do it years ago. I didn't know it was back in. Just what I need, another craft to add to the pile!

Bevy said...

That is so adorable. I love it.

I think you should find the freedom - go ahead - feel the verge and join the rest of us with the stashing. :)

It's comforting.

Christa said...

you are so crafty jenny.....despite what you tell yourself. ;) love you and so glad you are in my family's lives. :)
xoxo christa

Cottage Mommy said...

It is darling Jenny! You did a great job! It is a bit addicting isn't it? I was at Joann's this morning waiting for them to open because I ran out of the right color of thread for a project!

And now you know my secret! It's so easy!

Amanda said...

Your onesie is so sweet and beautiful! I'm impressed! I've never tried embroidery but now I'm thinking I might have to give it a shot...

Blomgrens said...

YUM! I want a onsie like that! Great job!

Flo said...

precious... I love it.

Bethany said...

I am just starting my stash of cute quilting fabrics. They are so fun! I made some cute t-shirts for my best friend's girls with some scrap fabric. The onesie is so cute!