a little royal wedding party

Last night I had two very wonderful friends over to watch the Royal Wedding. They arrived around 1:00 a.m. and we had a such a sweet time together. I tried to sleep beforehand, but I only managed to get about an hour of sleep because I was so giddy with excitement with all the preparations.

There was food to prepare, tulle to hang, and British flags and party favors to make. Yes, I know it seems a little over the top. I even planned an outfit to wear--a blue dress and black cardigan sweater like Kate wore when she and William announced their engagement.

LinkBy the way, this is the best scone recipe ever!
And if you don't like lavender or Earl Grey, you can easily substitute them with another flavor.

Here are the favors.
The blue gem and foil are supposed to be Diana's sapphire ring.
I was a little disappointed that the tea bags were yellow, because they didn't go with my color scheme of red and blue.
But I was so relieved to see that the Queen wore yellow to the wedding...perfect!


~nanashouse~ said...

Your planning was to the "T" (earl grey that is)
The scones are amazing, I made them tonight.
Queenie would have loved your favors and I'm sure Kate would have felt so at home with your friends.
Top Job I Say!!!!

Meegan said...

James told me about your plans - sounds like tons of fun! You are the perfect person to plan something like this!

Chantel Monet said...

Oh, I love you, Jenny. You are just so cute! (:

gotjoy3 said...

HOw fun.

Ashley DeLen said...

this is just priceless!!! What a fun and wonderful idea :O) I watched it online and then finished watching the recap at work, to the glare of my co-worker who was anti royal wedding :O)