"Home is where we tie one end of the thread of life."
Martin Buxbaum

After a month and a half of searching for another home, God very graciously provided this beautiful home for us. We're praying that its inspection goes well next week. If it does, we'll take possession mid-October, because the seller requested a 60 day escrow.

Here's a quick re-cap of our busy, busy month:

Many of our wonderful friends came over to help us pack up our home and load up the moving truck the day before our move

I turned 37

We had very dear friends make the trek with us--this was just so, so comforting

The men unloaded all of our belongings into a storage unit (because we still didn't have a house)

We camped for a few days on the California Coast

We celebrated our 12th anniversary

We drove down to visit and to stay with family in California

We flew down to Arizona for my niece's wedding

We drove back up to Oregon to house hunt, once again

We found this beautiful home, put in an offer and it was accepted the following day

We drove down to the Bay Area to visit with more family

We're all so excited to move into our new home. The kids are excited to see it, because they weren't with us when we walked through it. Seriously...October can't come soon enough!


Sue Asbjornsen said...

So so so so pleased for you to be getting this home, Jenny.

Danielle said...

Beautiful home... looks like it just jumped out of a magazine! October is a long wait:-)

Kim G. said...

It is the most lovely home! So happy for you! :)

MommaMindy said...

The house is SO beautiful. I can hardly wait to see how your life unfolds inside the home...may you all adjust well to the changes.

~nanashouse~ said...

Susan Branch meets Anne of Green Gables and Poof! The perfect house for you :-)

Can't wait for my first visit. I'll bring pumpkins for the front porch!

Bevy said...

It's so quaint and full of charm.

Continuing to pray...that all goes well... and that October comes soon for you. :)

Maddie said...

What a pretty home! It just looks like a happy home and needs a happy family to live in it. Congratulations :)

Bethany said...

Looks like a beautiful home. Prayers for it all to go smoothly. We were in a similar place last year at this time. It's hard to wait for everything to fall into place, but God's timing is always perfect and he knows just where we need to be.

Amanda said...

It's gorgeous! I hope the process goes smoothly for you!

cranny + b said...

what?! you are moving to Oregon?! I am so excited! I can only hope that you might live close to me;-)

I have been away from your blog for way, way, way too long. You'll have to catch me up--I tried to find out the reason for moving to Oregon by looking through past posts, but I must have missed it.

Well, let me just say..........
welcome to Oregon
(in October;-)

the house is so BEAUTIFUL!