stuff I need

One of our favorite books is Casey the Greedy Young Cowboy where little Casey makes this extremely long list entitled "Stuff I Need" and fills it with all sorts of crazy stuff. He learns his lesson in the end, of course, and realizes that family is more important than stuff.

Well, after living in a hotel for a month, I now have my own crazy little list. I realize these things aren't super important and if our storage unit burned down today and we lost everything, I'd be o.k. But here's my list anyway...

Stuff I Need:

my big, comfy couch
my books
my crockpot to make yummy fall soups and stews
my pillow
my aprons
my panini maker
my pillow
my Jane Austen movies
my green and white polkadot spoon for stirring my coffee
my pillow

Yes, in the end I'll learn my lesson and realize that people are more important than everything on this list. But for now, this is stuff I need.


Anonymous said...

I love you soo much Jenny. And for pete's sake...go get your PILLOW!!!!

Maddledaddle said...

When we moved into our "home" while we were still building we had temporary power... which ran the tools, but not the water heater. I remember thinking all I "needed" was a hot shower for 6mo!

Chelle said...

Oh Jenny, if anyone can make a hotel room feel like home, it's you dear. But I have this little frog in my throat for you, just wishing you could be home with all those things that you need tonight. We moved in one month ago today and we celebrated by David getting our shower up and running + brownies with salted caramel frosting.
Love your list and miss you so much it hurts.

Krystle said...

Hi there! Fiona sent me your way! Welcome to Southern Oregon!!
I have a 3 year old boy and 8 month old twin boys :)

Hope to connect with you!!


Ashley DeLen said...

It's been awhile since I've stopped by for a hello! Hello!!! and don't feel bad about your list of needs because they truly sound like wonderful eneds that make your space a home! :O)

Susan said...

Cowboy Casey had a horse, a pure bred pedal horse of course ...

You will be home soon with many of your comforts. Thanks for the memory.