becoming home

all done peeling the wallpaper in the boys' room--it only took me 3 days

Today was our big day!!! Phil rented a U-Haul to move our things from storage into our new house! The kids were overjoyed to see their things again. It felt like Christmas morning, for sure.

We still have a little ways to go, but things are coming along well enough. We'll probably be able to check out of the hotel within the next couple of days.

The kitchen floor is sanded and ready to be stained.

It was so good to see our things again! Seeing them in the new house certainly makes it feel like home.


Dan Bicker said...

Your new house is beautiful. Every picture, in your yard and in each room, speaks peace to me. Maybe because of my rural upbringing in a country house in PA.? And maybe also cause I know how YOU are Jenny.. And God has blessed you with the gift and/or ability to have this house BE ..YOU! It is a Jenny house.. If Cheryl and I ever drive north, we'd love to stop in and enjoy this house and you guys for a little while..

Chelle said...

How did I miss this before?! And welcome HOME, sweet friend. I came over here this morning to tell you how dearly I love seeing all your beautiful faces...Thank you for that.