renovations underway

I've been bitten by the renovation bug! At first I thought we'd just make a few changes here and there, but today I said it. The tell-tale sign of someone who's gone off the deep end...

I actually uttered these words, "Yeah, I think we could knock out that wall."


So here's what we're up to in this new house of ours. The kitchen wallpaper is coming down. Have I mentioned that there's wallpaper in EVERY room of the house? Baby steps.

This is the wall that will come down. We're going to open the kitchen up to the dining room. We decided this after I removed the wallpaper. :)

The plan this week is to paint the cabinets white and the walls a soft, buttery yellow. As I was peeling the wallpaper, I noticed a huge change in the feeling of the room. It was so dark with the maroon wallpaper and dark cabinets.

My husband removed the carpet from the living room, dining room, downstairs hallway and the stairs. Here's a before shot:

This is what we found when we pulled back the carpet:

Lovely "during" shot:


We had such a great day today. A couple of family members and a friend drove up from California and will stay the weekend to help us with lots of projects like pulling up all the staples from the floor, knocking out walls and painting.

And then we were abundantly blessed by new friends who brought over dinner and dined with us on the patio out back. As it got dark, all the kids took off running and they played in the field with flashlights. It was the perfect ending to such a sweet, sweet day.

I must mention one very traumatic event. I took my sister-in-law out to the shed that holds the water tank and I saw a dead rat. I almost threw up. Welcome to the country, Jenny. I'll never forget that image as long as I live. Why couldn't it have been a mouse? Yuck! I don't like mice, either, but if I had to chose one over the other, I would definitely choose mice. I can't even believe I just typed that. I wouldn't choose rodents for anything. I hate them.

So, the renovations are underway. They can be a bit stressful, no? I took the kids back to the hotel tonight while the others stayed to finish up a few things. I know they'll be longer than they said they would. I have a feeling this is what it's going to be like for awhile. I know, because I said we were only going to paint, and now I have them knocking out a wall. It's kinda fun, though, when you start to see progress. But not when you happen upon dead rats.


Emily F said...

Hi Jenny, These pictures reminded me so much of exactly what we did to our house. Every room had not only wallpaper but 3 or 4 layers of it. We discovered hardwood floors under our carpet so we used it has a custom drop cloth. So much work but so worth it afterward. You are blessed to have family there to help you. Can't wait to see the final pictures.

Amy... said...

Oh, Jenny, you know I feel your rodent pain!!! Oh dear . But your house is perfect!! Miss you!

bethimus said...


Why would anyone cover up that beautiful floor with ugly old carpet??

I can't wait to see your ongoing pictures as you make this house your home.

Danielle said...

What a wonderful surprise to find a wood floor! It makes the room look so much richer!

What great friends to come help you!

Jeremy and Amy said...

The wood floor is beautiful!!! Happy renovating :)

Sue Asbjornsen said...

What an amazing adventure you are on! The house is a delight and all the work will be (in the end) a labor of love. Knocking down the wall looks to be an excellent plan. So, so sorry about the rodent. Wishing you much love and laughter.

Bethany said...

Score! Hardwood floors! Wish we had those under our carpet. We also have plenty of wallpaper and after a year of looking at it, the walls are starting to close in. We've got to get it down and some new paint up!

I would have died if I found a RAT anywhere near my house! Yuck!

So nice that you have friends and family to help you make it your home.

emyann said...

I would have died! Sorry Chissa...at least it was in a shed!

The Crazy Hours said...

Such fun you are having!!! But surely the dead rat can't be as bad as the one you found in the drawer of your first place. ;)