memo to self: laugh

At bedtime the other night, my boys asked me, "Mom, why don't you laugh anymore?"


I try so hard to keep it together on the outside, but when I'm home with the people I love most, my comfort zone, I let them see all the ugly stuff.

And the sad thing is, I don't even realize it. I guess I could blame the chaos of the move; but honestly, if it wasn't the move, I would probably find something else to blame. There's always something else, right?

I want my kids to remember me as a happy mom.

Time to go back and read this again.


Krystle said...

Have you read One Thousand Gifts? I am sure you have, I feel so behind haha! I just recentley finished...life changing for me! IF you haven't I highly recommend..if you have...well, wasn't it great?! :)

Danielle said...

I'm totally guilty here. My boys were just telling me the same thing:-(

Chantel Monet said...

Oh Jenny... It's going to be so beautiful!! I'm sorry about the rat. How terrifying! I'm so happy that you are already making new friends! That was fast! Love you so, and praying for you ever day, dear girl!

Funky Junk Antique Show said...

Oh my gosh, what a beautiful find under the carpet!! And that kitchen looks so familiar=)...Enjoy renovating mama!!=)