a little shopping

"Employees Only"

I love how imaginative my kids are. Last week I took them to the park two times and they didn't go near the play structures. They spent the entire time playing clubhouse in the bushes.

Yesterday morning they spent over 3 hours playing in the bushes that their Papa trimmed for us in the backyard. They made little shops and signs for their shops by writing on leaves.

They made an ice cream shop, a blacksmith shop and a joke shop. Lily sold jokes that were written out on leaves.

"$5.00 per Item or 1 Pretzel"

I love this! They used pretzels for currency. :)


gramma said...

They are incredible with their imaginations!!! and I love it that they play so well together

~nanashouse~ said...

Oh just wait till Papa sees this! We took a day to go to Ukiah to buy work shoes and a candle holder for our fireplace (way too big to fit) and then we had lunch at Mendocino Brewery. Love organic tomatoes! Home for a nap and the whole list of chores that pile up when you take a trip out of town. He will be so excited to read this tomorrow!

Cheryl said...

I absolutely look forward to reading your posts - love you !