the knappa lamp

Six months ago we went to IKEA and I purchased this great lamp that has been sitting in its box in a closet.

I decided to put it together tonight and hang it over the computer desk in the den.

How difficult could it be, right? So I open up the box and find 56 pieces to put together -- 40 of which are these thin sheets of plastic. 

Seriously IKEA??? Are you kidding me? I gave up on these directions and found a few tutorials online written by people like me who lack spacial reasoning skills.

All in all, I love the finished project!


~nanashouse~ said...

You got further than I would have. I would have used each and every piece as bowl scrapers to get all last of the batter while baking.

Rachel said...

My daughter has that same light but the electrician had to put it up for us!