as it should be

Two cups are better than one. 

Phil was gone all of last week for a work conference and things just weren't the same around here. It's so nice to have everyone together again. We enjoyed coffee on the patio tonight after dinner while watching the kids run around and play. Things are as they should be. Ahhhhhhh.

One of my sisters called this week and asked if she could come for an impromptu visit. This was her first visit up here in our new home so we had fun showing her around. I love sister visits. We do what we call our 'sister laugh.' If you heard us, you'd understand.We crack each other up and laugh hysterically about the strangest things.

After dinner I headed out to the garden to check on things and to take a couple of pictures. Earlier this week I realized that I haven't posted any recent pictures of our garden.

I love slipping my worn-out rubber boots on after dinner and heading out to the field with the family to check on the garden and visit the animals. It's so peaceful here in the evening.

And look what we have now! Lots and LOTS of blackberries...big, juicy ones. A few weeks ago a vendor at the farmer's market gave me several sturdy berry baskets. They're perfect for sending out with the kids when we need a few berries for breakfast. I think they're adorable, and they make berry picking that much more fun with the added cuteness factor. :)

The berries don't last long. My kiddos caught up with me as I walked into the front yard. I probably brought less than 10 berries back into the house with me.

A quick game of sprinkler tag before bedtime


Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

Looks like a perfect summer day. =)

gramma said...

Your garden is incredible!!! and the kids are as "they should be" playing in the sprinkler and eating berries.

~nanashouse~ said...

Perfect, simply perfect!