be mine

 Happy Valentine's Day! Feeling quite festive today, I made this yummy flour-less chocolate cake for dessert tonight. It's one of my favorite things to make, especially on Valentine's Day when I'm listening to Frank Sinatra and wearing my red sweater and pink rosette earrings. My friend, Andi, shared the recipe with me years ago. Good friends have good chocolate cake recipes. :) You can't go wrong with chocolate and 1 1/2 sticks of butter. I think the cake is smiling back at me.

 Pink and red are so cheery!

 My girls and I had fun reading our Valentine's books together. The boys opted to play Lego instead.

After breakfast, Lily and I made a few more Valentines to hand out today.

Hope your Valentine's Day is a sweet one!


nancy said...

I had a moment of missing your children that sent Cupid's arrow straight through my heart tonight! Love you!

Mama said...

the very best bite of heaven on earth! Please bake it up everyone <3

Christa said...

Oh I think I will always especially miss you on valentines day. Ms Jenny's valentine parties were the best!!!

Monica Porter said...

As February started rolling around, I was thinking of you! Between Ground Hog's Day and V-day. :) I remember how much you love this month. You are probably one of the first people I've ever known to like Ground Hog's Day so much ;) Looks like it was a wonderful Valentine's Day! We're still enjoying the sweet little banner you made me last year for it :) I also put together some other bright felt heart banners this year. Make me think of you too. Love and miss you, Jenny!