I've been "doodling" with digital chalk art tonight, praying that the words from this morning's sermon on Matthew 11 will sink deeply into my heart this week.

I've been weary lately. We've moved, unpacked, started school again, etc. I should feel a great sense of relief, but I'm just too tired to feel much of anything. I know it's true, because of this tell-tale sign of motherhood: I'm snapping. No, not with my fingers, but with my words.

Here's what I learned this morning from Matthew 11:

It's a simple invitation, really...Come.

This yoke that I take up is made for 2. When I'm yoked to Jesus, I have direction, purpose, even comfort as I work.

Learn from Him. This was the clincher for me. He is gentle. I am not. Just ask my kids. This reminded me of something I noticed years ago while reading in the book of John. John was a volatile man, known as a Son of Thunder. When people didn't agree with Jesus, John told Him to send down fire from heaven and torch everyone. Ouch! Then at the end of Jesus' life, as He's hanging on the cross, He looks down and asks John to take care of His mother. Why would He do that? Why pick the guy with the bad temper? I think John had changed. How could he not? He had walked and talked with Jesus for 3 years. 

Learn from Me.

I don't want to be a John. I want to be like Jesus with all of my heart, and I want my children to see Jesus in me. I can blame it on being tired (oh wait, I already have!), or I can fit myself in under this yoke made for 2 and walk beside Jesus throughout my day, imitating Him by being gentle when I speak.

Come to Me.
Learn from Me.
And you will find rest for your souls.

"I heard the voice of Jesus say,
'Come unto Me and rest;
Lay down, thou weary one, lay down,
Thy head upon My breast.' 
I came to Jesus as I was,
Weary and worn and sad;
I found in Him a resting place,
And He has made me glad."
  -Horatius Bonar


Mommy said...

Yes, truly He has made US glad. Rest is essential for a family. Right up there with healthy food, clean water and much, much prayer.

Bevy said...

OH Jenny. Thank you. Thank you for sharing this with me/us all.

I needed to read this today. I so need REST. I know it only comes from HIM.

I think I will be dwelling on this today, as well.


Bethany said...

Ugh, I hate when I'm snappy. I feel so guilty for taking out any frustration or my lack of sleep on my little ones. It usually means that I am trying to do it all on my own- the worst way to do it.

Such a good reminder that we are meant to take Christ with us to help carry our load. It is humbling to realize that our actions each day can show our kids (and others) how to be more like Christ or not. I pray that they see more of Christ in me than not, but it takes a constant surrender.