Afternoon Pick-Me-Up

When 3:00 arrives, nap time is over and my girls begin to stir. They're always so energized--but mommy? Not quite! Sometimes I don't think I'll make it to dinner time.

To remedy this, I make myself an afternoon latte. It's become a necessity, in fact. Coffee is a beautiful thing. I couldn't resist taking this picture today. Hooray for coffee!

My current favorites:
Irish creme

My favorite brews:
Peet's Sumatra or Espresso Forte
Seattle's Best French Roast
Starbucks Italian Roast


Pamela said...

naptime is too precious to give up. good for you! pamela

Kate said...

I'm right there with you! With two little ones, I know I couldn't make a day without my coffee:)

Jessica said...

I need to put this into my daily routine. Maybe start about 15 minutes before I think the kids will wake from their naps so the caffeine will have kicked in. ;)

~amy~ said...

Love it... can I come over:) I do the same thing... its amazing how the simple pleasures can keep you going.

Danielle said...

Bummer, I can't have caffine after noon or I'll be up half the night...sounds so yummy as a naptime treat!

simplebeauty said...

I truly believe that there HAS to be a coffee shop in HEAVEN!!! What a lovely picture to get me through the rest of my day! Thank you so much for sharing!! Sometimes I sneak coffee at 8 o'clock at night so that I can just keep my little eyes open a little bit longer to finish my to-do's for the day...

Sonja said...

Coffee in heaven? I'm all for that because it sure doesn't like me on this side. I love it, but have stick to tea these days. Have a cup, or two, for me!