Valentine Mice

For someone who can't stand mice, I sure do a lot crafty things with them. These mice are made of folded paper hearts...simple! You can find the instructions to make these here. For the tails, I used rick rack instead of lollipops.


the wild raspberry said...

A poem for you:
I think mice are rather nice
Their tails are long,
Their faces small,
They haven't any chins at all.
Their ears are pink,
Their teeth are white,
They run about the house at night.
They nibble things they shouldn't touch,
And no one seems to like them much.
But I think mice are nice.

Rebekah said...

How cute! Sometimes I really wish I were crafty for me kids.....

Angie said...

ha ha... I totally remember making those when I was little.

Jenny said...


Disgusting! :)

Diane said...

Fun little craft! Love the rick rack.

At a former job, our boss was deathly afraid of mice. Our dept. got together and cut out miniature pix of Stuart Little and placed them everywhere - taped to his calendar, hidden in files... 5 years later, he said that he was STILL finding them! It's better than finding the real thing...

the wild raspberry said...

that poem is a classic! :)
i wrote it down in first grade and made a little mouse craft to go with it. {i still have it in my little portfolio}
i don't really find mice irresistable. does that make you feel better?

Jessica said...

Cute idea! (I really hate mice too.)

Mod Girl said...


Visit this blog, the Feb. 9th post, for more Valentine mice!

Sweet Annabelle said...

So cute! I always made these with my students way back in my p. s. teaching days. And so many great mouse stories to go along!