Psalm 78

Reading this encouraged my heart today:

4 We will not hide these truths from our children;
we will tell the next generation
about the glorious deeds of the Lord,
about his power and his mighty wonders.

5 For he issued his laws to Jacob;
he gave his instructions to Israel.
He commanded our ancestors
to teach them to their children,

6 so the next generation might know them—
even the children not yet born—
and they in turn will teach their own children.

7 So each generation should set its hope anew on God,
not forgetting his glorious miracles
and obeying his commands.


Where My Treasure Is said...

I LOVE this passage. It's especially important to me now that my husband and I are getting ready to become parents! Thanks for posting these wonderful words!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. I haven't stopped by in a while and what a great reminder. Thanks again! I wrote it down and plan to highlight this!

Mod Girl said...

Such a beautiful reminder to spur us on in Godly excellence.

I've been thinking a lot lately about how my children are my primary ministry, and how I can guide them with gentleness, humility, and love.

Sonja said...

What a great verse. I've really been camping out in the Psalms lately. And what an awesome thought to think about those not yet born and the Light being passed on.