catching up

Here it is! All done -- minus a towel rack and curtains. It's my new favorite room in the house. I find myself walking by several times a day just to sneak a peek.

Last weekend we found this great schoolhouse light in an antique/thrift store marked down to $35. I had been eying one at The Home Depot but it was $70.

I can't get over the change in this room!

In other news...we have a busy, but fun couple of weeks ahead of us. 

It looks like one of our ewes will deliver a set of twins during the night or maybe sometime tomorrow.

Our garden is bursting at the seams. It's so fun to head out there in the morning with my cup of coffee and my little basket for fresh veggies.

This Thursday afternoon, dear friends of mine from Spokane will drive through town on their way to a wedding in California. They'll stop by to stretch their legs and have dinner with us.

Thursday evening my sister will arrive to stay for the weekend. So far all we have planned is to buy a box of the Mint Chocolate Chip It's-Its that I spotted today in Target. We love those things. Both of us were born in San Francisco, so it's not a stretch to say it's in our blood to love them so.

Saturday night, Phil's sister and her girls (whom my kids lovingly refer to as "the cousins") will fly up to see us for the week. They're excited to do lots of blackberry picking and wii playing. 

This past week both of my boys expressed a desire to be baptized, so we'll do that this Sunday while their 2 aunts and cousins are in town. We're so blessed to have these 2 sweet boys who want to live their lives for Jesus.

Just today I talked with another friend from Spokane who will be at a wedding a few hours north of us next weekend. They're going to drive down to see us next Sunday and spend the night!

And isn't school supposed to start soon???


~nanashouse~ said...

Ahh, the harvest begins after a time of waiting. Praise Jesus!

Brenda said...

I've just spent some time getting caught up on all your summer adventures and what FUN it is to see all the beautiful remodeling that is getting finished on your house!! LOVE it!! Blessings!!

gramma said...

incredible and beautiful!
Also, so thankful for those wonderful boys and their decision to be baptized.

Jeremy and Amy said...

It looks so pretty!!! Love it! So glad you have so many fun things going on, too :)

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

It's stunning!! Wow....

Chelle said...

So, so pretty and David is dying to know where you got the vanity? He really likes it. So glad that you will be in such good company in the coming days, friend. xo :)

Jenny said...

Chelle, the vanity is from Lowe's. It's part of their Allen + Roth collection.

Monica Porter said...

Oh my goodness! It looks beautiful! :D Love it, Jen!

Rachel said...

Love the bathroom!!!