summer days

pie for company

 morning walks out to the garden 

harvesting potatoes

cutting lettuce

 picking sweet apples and juicy plums

 hunting for acorns

looking up our nature discoveries in this book
 summer reading on the front lawn

reading about great summer Olympic athletes who love Jesus

 watching my Gracie Girl hunt and gather things for her beautiful arrangements

 observing her artistic eye and love of beauty

Beautiful...and all on her own!


~nanashouse~ said...

She is her Mama's daughter as well as a child of the King!

gramma said...

Gracie girl - That is a beautiful arrangement. Also, Jenny, that pie looks sooo good.

Christa said...

this makes me miss you.......

~nanashouse~ said...

Looking at this post again I want to make a favorite frittata recipe I have that uses red potatoes. I found these amazing little red potatoes that come in a bag and they make the best roasted potatoes. Yummy, I'm hungry!

Monica Michelle Porter said...

Oh my goodness, your garden must be bursting at the seams! And Gracie could definitely go pro. :) So cool!

emyann said...

I didn't know how artistic Gracie was. I like that she has layers ;)