lemonade stand and progress

 perfect hit-the-spot treat for a hot summer afternoon

Gracie set up a little lemonade stand this afternoon. At first she charged 1 cent per cup, then she raised the price to 10 cents per cup. She also mentioned to the family that she doesn't make change. I love her!

The guys have been plugging away in the bathrooms. They got so much done today. Actually, they've gotten a lot done every day this week, but much of what has been done has been behind-the-scenes, or behind the walls. Most of the electrical and the plumbing has been moved around. It's all too technical for me. All I know is that the hole in the upstairs bathroom floor has been taken care of.

 I can't wait to see the new tub in here on this beautiful tile.


~nanashouse~ said...

Oh so happy to see you kept the step in shower!

gramma said...

Gracie girl couldn't look cuter!

Monica Michelle Porter said...

Craziness! So much change. The tile looks great!

emyann said...

Love it! Gracie is such a business woman!

Emily F said...

Love that tile! Was that already there?