Easy-to-Make Kitchen Chalkboard

I saw this idea in a magazine and decided that I would search for an old window and make a chalkboard for my kitchen. I found several old windows in antique stores that would work nicely for this project, but they were a bit pricey. Who would have thought?

My husband and I found this window at a Habitat for Humanity store and we paid only $5 for it! A little sandpaper and paint did the trick.


Diane said...

Nice blog. Love the green and red vintage look. The chalkboard/window turned out great!

Stephanie said...

Hopefully you see this. I was wondering, did you paint over the class or put something different in its place?

I have been wanting to do this since you first posted it. I found a large square window frame on the side of the road yesterday. I am hoping to use that, but wasn't sure if I could just paint over the glass.